07 juin 2010

Ponce ear cut off only the last feast of Corpus Fair.

Toledo, June 6 .- The matador Enrique Ponce short ear the only celebration that took place today in Toledo, the last of its exhibition on the occasion of Corpus Christi, in which both Jose Maria Manzanares and Cayetano Rivera were empty.

Four bulls were wrestled Carlos Charro, and two-fourth and sixth, the latter as a hat-Sampedro Brothers, agrees to submit, nobles and loose, which, ancient warriors, usually gave little game. The best, the fourth Enrique Ponce, ovation and ear.

Jose Maria Manzanares, ovation and ovation.

Cayetano, clapping and ovation.

The square had two thirds of an inning.

PONCE AND JUST -------------------- Just TORO lot Enrique Ponce had to cut ears in Toledo.

With staff help at first bullfighting the bull to push a bit more in the end, returned to dazzle the lines, performing two tasks neat and aesthetic, but without depth. Not to pinch your shoulder would have gone first.

Manzanares punishment too much on the horse to his first and only stay something to the crutch. Only a pair of right. His second was an invalid before which abbreviate.

Cayetano was unpublished at the very weak first, but pulled away in the sixth bis, starting on his knees with the intention not to be winning the battle. The serious hat of Sampedro "was left, but was not sufficient to attach him bellows over two muletazos. Even so Cayetano connected with the lines, but failed to swords. 1011027 

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